Touchpoint - The Journal of Service Design

The Journal of Service Design

p-ISSN: 1868-6052
e-ISSN: 2940-2778

Jesse Grimes

Service Design Network gGmbH
Mülheimer Freiheit 56
D-51063 Köln, Germany

Touchpoint is the first and only periodical dedicated to the practice of service design. First published in 2009, Touchpoint has three issues per year. It is made available for free to paying members of the Service Design Network (in both PDF and printed form, exclusive of postage charges), and it is sold in both formats to non-members. Over the years, several special editions (such as compilations and translations) have been created. It is highly-valued by its readership for providing a dynamic, continually-updating look at the fast-evolving field of service design.

Created by and for the global service design community, Touchpoint is neither purely an academic publication, nor a lightweight periodical. Instead, it aims to showcase high-quality writing about the practice of service design, with a strong focus on the practitioner's viewpoint. That means case studies, trend analysis, descriptions of techniques, etc. Historically, the journal consists of several fixed sections: A 'Theme' section, which looks in detail at a specific topic of particular recent relevance; a 'Cross-discipline' section, which explores how service design interrelates with adjacent fields, and; 'Tools and Methods', which covers the practical application of service design.

Prior to each new Volume, topics of interest are crowdsourced from the larger service design community. These are then voted on to arrive at the three selected 'Themes' for those three, upcoming issues. The Editor-in-Chief, Jesse Grimes, is a persistent role. For each issue, three to four 'Guest Editors' are selected, always aiming to represent a diverse cross-section of experienced service design practitioners, or those uniquely experienced in a relevant field. The Co-Publisher is Prof. Birgit Mager (SDN).

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