Our Services for Your Publication's Success
With more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, we can help you publish your work exactly as you envision it to be. We have successfully published monographs, conference proceedings, textbooks, journals and university dissertations by authors from all over the world in a vast number of subject areas.

It is our goal to produce high quality publications with a quick turn-around time in order to swiftly expose your work to the broad audience. Our fast production line allows us to produce a publication within a few weeks, guaranteeing a quick circulation of your materials.

Collaborations with various international platforms and our North American distributor (ISD) ensure that our books can be easily purchased across the globe. We also market our books to the academic community by offering review copies to academic journals.

How We Finance the Publication of Your Work

Normally we do not charge any fees for the publication of your book as long as you provide us with a camera ready manuscript (pdf). You only have to pay for your author copies, which we offer at a reduced price. We will redeem our costs by selling your book to as many readers as possible.

The Publishing Procedure

After we receive your manuscript or synopsis, we assess your material based on its suitability for our program, its potential readership, and financial feasibility. If the result of this initial review is positive, we discuss the conditions for publishing your work in detail. Once an agreement is reached, we prepare the galley proofs for your approval, after which we start the production process and send you your author copies as soon as they are finished.

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