Individual publications

Logos Verlag Berlin is an independent academic publisher of books and journals from all fields of academia. Each year, we publish around 200 new titles. Since our foundation in 1995, our backlist has now grown to encompass more than 6000 academic works.

We pride ourselves in paying particular attention to our authors. We respect their ideas and accompany each publication personally: from drafting their contract, typesetting, layout, and the cover design to deciding on the most appropriate format. With us your book project will be realized quickly and with full attention to your individual needs.

If you want to publish your dissertation, fill out this form for an offer. If you are thinking about publishing a monograph, an anthology, or a textbook, you will receive an offer after a brief consultation. Send us an email or give us a call, and we will happily discuss all your options.

Since October 2021, we are now offering a sustainable alternative, our Ecobook.

Your knowledge. Our program.
We make the decision to accept your work into our program based on its academic merit and its relevance to your subject field.

That being said, we accept all dissertations, because they have already been approved by experts in their respective disciplines. Our internal acquisition managers review all other manuscripts and decide if they fit with our publishing program. In certain circumstances, we refer to external experts for advice. We will also happily consider any expert opinion or reviews that you may submit with your manuscript.

We are a flexible and a competent partner for transdisciplinary and innovative research; and we go much beyond the borders of Germany. In addition to scholars from traditional disciplines, interdisciplinary scholars working in newer fields of research will also feel at home at Logos Verlag Berlin. We have more than ninety series and five academic journals in diverse subject areas to show for it.

Occasionally, we accept manuscripts that are geared to a more general audience, as long as they show commitment to scientific concerns and methods.

Our all-round service for your success.

We do everything possible to contribute to the success of your academic publication. This includes attractive cover design, high quality production and national and international sales and advertising.

Attractive Covers

The cover of your book speaks for whole project. That’s why we place such high value on it. We will pay close attention to your ideas about images, color, typography, and style.

High Quality and Timely Production

Our printing process meets high quality standards and at the same time offers good value for money. We produce our covers using an offset printing process which guarantees a superb finish. Our state-of-the-art digital printers produce excellent quality color or b/w pages. This process is completed with durable adhesive binding.

National and International Distribution

We will sell your book in bookshops, on current online platforms and directly from our website. We work with Amazon, Nielsen, Proquest and EBSCO to make sure that your book is available worldwide.

Professionell Marketing and PR

We want our authors’ books to be noticed by the public. Therefore, we inform all relevant media outlets about our new releases and offer the books up for review. We run a new release service for each of our subject areas and inform our audience about new publications via Twitter and Instagram. Our subject catalogues are also continuously updated. For each book, an advertising flyer is created and distributed.

We find that working closely with our authors is the most effective way to produce a top-class publication. We will give you individual advice at every step of the process, take your ideas seriously and stick to our established deadlines. Are you under time pressure? When time is running out, we can publish your book in just fourteen days.

We would be glad to talk to you to discuss your project in more detail. Or send us an email. Contact

Further Services
Logos Verlag Berlin offers a range of extras for the more elaborate projects. These include:

Proofreading and/or copy editing

We have a well-established network of copy-editors to revise your manuscript at a very fair price. This process includes simple proofreading or stylistic revisions of your text.

Typesetting and formatting

If you want to spare yourself the trouble of typesetting the book yourself, we are here to help you. We collaborate with book typesetters who will produce a beautiful manuscript for you.

Online Addendums

Sometimes your publication cannot include all the materials related to it. Extensive sources, video or audio excerpts, source codes from programs, practise exercises and much more can be accessible online.

Printing in high quality color

The quality of our color prints is spectacular, which enables us to produce high quality art books. Even a small print run is reasonably priced.

A large variety of special paper

Paper conveys a message. We place a lot of worth in good paper that is sustainably produced. Alongside our “standard” paper we offer a wide variety of special paper, which can complement the content of your work.


Folding plans, tables and graphs, which won’t fit onto one page, can be incorporated into the book through the use of foldouts. They could also be separately inserted.

Colored section dividers

Dividing and highlighting sections is no problem with our colored page inserts.

Alternative book dimensions

How about a square? Different book formats are possible in addition to the usual A5 or B5.

Accompanying CDs or DVDs

If you wish to provide large amounts of data as additional material, we offer the option of an accompanying CD or DVD to be included with the book.

Publish Online

In addition to the print version, Logos Verlag Berlin offers its authors the possibility of publishing their work online.

E-BOOK: You can choose to have an E-book version of your manuscript available for purchase on our website. This service is free of charge. We can also arrange for a preview of the book to be available on Google Books, which allows the content to be indexed and makes the book more visible on search engines. Our E-books can additionally be bought on EBSCO, ProQuest, or Google Play.

OPEN-ACCESS: For an additional fee, you can also opt for an Open-Access publication. You can find the models and costs for Open-Access publishing listed here.

Our Network of Partners
Our authors profit from our network of partners both in Germany and abroad, which helps us to make publications quickly available and widely known. We inform specialists as well as mass media about new releases and distribute publications in bookstores, online and also abroad.

We work with a number of important distribution partners such as ProQuest, EBSCO, Amazon, Nielsen and Bowker. In North America our books are distributed by our partner, ISD, who works closely with universities and colleges in the USA and Canada.

We are supported in our work by a network of independent proof-readers and layout artists, whose reliability and professionalism we can vouch for.

We use the DOI-Registry Crossref, which allocates and administers DOIs for publishers worldwide and connects our titles with the entire database of titles.