The Logos-Ecobook
The idea

We take sustainability seriously. We are not greenwashing. We invite our authors to join in with us by considering our Logos-Ecobook. The ecobook will be produced as environmentally friendly as it is currently possible. At the same time, it will meet high aesthetic standards.

Here are the details:

  • The ecological aspect
    • Low CO2 emission
    • Reduced use of toxic and poorly degradable chemicals
    • Drastic reduction of plastic consumption
    • Little waste
    • Low energy consumption
    • Low water consumption
    • Reduction of transport distance through cooperation with Berlin businesses
  • The aesthetic aspect
    • High quality workmanship
    • Attractive appearance
    • Hight print quality
    • Good readability
    • High color fidelity with color rendering
  • The economic aspect
    • Reasonable costs for our authors
    • Affordable prices upon distribution to bookstores
The Implementation
  • Paper Lessebo, Design Natur, 100 g/m2
    • With 19 kg of CO2 per ton of paper; only 3% of the paper industry average
    • Resource-saving production
    • Cradle to Cradle® certified
    • nice surface
  • Cover Muskat, 350 g/m2
    • Beautiful cardboard paper
    • FSC® Recycled 100% certification
    • No foil lamination
    • Blind embossing of our logo
    • Cover design in black ink on nutmeg cardboard paper
  • Book format 22 cm x 15,5 cm
    This format enables for minimal waste from cutting of paper and cover
  • Digital printing
    • Low energy consumption
    • small, individualized print runs without waste
    • No varnishes nor paints
  • Transportation Kurierkollektiv Fahrwerk
    Carbon neutral delivery to the bookbinder and back
The Costs
An important goal in this project was to keep the costs as low as possible so that it would be realizable. At the end, we realized to our surprise that the production costs of the eco-book do not exceed the normal range of B5 production. As a result, the bookstore prices will therefore also correspond to the average cost of B5 books. The cost of the author’s copies will be only 10-15% higher than usual. We hope that because of these low costs we will be able to produce many book sustainably in the future.

Please contact us to receive an offer for the publication of your manuscript as an eco-book.



Conclusions and Outlook
We have invested a lot of energy into thinking about and producing sustainable books. We believe we have achieved quite a bit. With the Logos eco-book, we are reducing carbon emissions from a typical book production of approximately 50kg to 7 kg. Additionally, we are protecting the environment by significantly reducing the use of plastic and chemicals. There is still certainly room for improvement, and we will continue to optimize our production processes and materials in order to conserve resources, use as little energy as possible, and reduce our carbon emissions.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions.

Finally, we have decided to acquire a MoorFutures® certificate for each eco-book project. By doing so, we relieve the climate by 250 kg of carbon emissions, which is significantly more than we produce by printing our books. Logos-Ökobuch Logos-Ökobuch Logos-Ökobuch Zertifikat CO2