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Unleashing Impact: Integrating Behaviour Design into Service Innovation

Vijay Chakravarthy

Touchpoint 14 No. 3 (2023)     pp: 47-49     2024-03-11
Unleashing Impact: Integrating Behaviour Design into Service Innovation

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Chakravarthy, V. (2023). Unleashing Impact: Integrating Behaviour Design into Service Innovation. Touchpoint, 14 (3), 47-49. doi:10.30819/touchpoint.14-3.09
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Enhancing adoption and meaningful connections with service offerings are critical metrics for service designers and busi- nesses. To achieve this, we meticulously shape user experiences, testing for desirability and usability. Nonetheless, adoption of a service offering beyond its appeal to early adopters is often elusive. To overcome this, we need to reshape habits in a desirable, achievable manner. We realised this at Philips Sonicare, when faced with the challenge of designing a service that empowers our audience to keep up with tooth brushing habits consistently. By partnering with health insurance providers, we aimed to bring down oral healthcare costs for people and the healthcare system. This required reporting and driving these behaviours meaningfully and predictably. This venture illuminated the advantage of behaviour design to strategically prioritise interventions and improve experience design.
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