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International Sports Studies

Quality Physical Education (QPE) Measurement Tool Development

Walter Ho, Dilsad Ahmed, Klaudia Rafael, Rosa Lopez de D’Amico, Branislav Antala, Min Liu, Xiaoxi Dong, Yang Yang Xie

International Sports Studies 45 No. 2 (2023)     pp: 6-27     2023-12-21
Quality Physical Education (QPE) Measurement Tool Development

Quality Physical Education, QPE, Physical Education, QPE Measurement, QPE Perception Cite: APA    BibTeX

Ho, W., & Ahmed, D., & Rafael, K., & D’Amico, R.L.d., & Antala, B., & Liu, M., & Dong, X., & Xie, Y.Y. (2023). Quality Physical Education (QPE) Measurement Tool Development. International Sports Studies, 45 (2), 6-27. doi:10.30819/iss.45-2.02
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The research on the measurement tool development for Quality Physical Education (QPE) started in 2010 with the collection of statements on QPE involving 436 professionals from 44 countries. These statements were sorted into 105 items, and a two-stage content-validity process narrowed the number down to 65 items under eight dimensions. The selection of 65 items served as the basis for developing the questionnaire survey in late 2014, with 1669 responses collected from physical education (PE) professionals across 24 countries. The data were analysed by continent, and exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was adopted to exclude items with low factor loadings. The Asian model comprises 48 items in eight dimensions and exhibits a good fit structure for research purposes. This pattern differs from the structure of Europe and Latin America, in which fewer dimensions were retained. The Asian model was independently accessed and matched expectations from works by UNESCO and other vital documents for QPE improvement. The discovery facilitates the establishment of a good tool for QPE study. This paper shares the different stages to inform initiatives for the quality development of PE in schools.
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