Volume 14 No. 2 (2023)
80 Seiten
ISSN 2940-2778
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Editors: Jesse Grimes, Alison Prendiville, Julia Schaeper, Birgit Mager


Reimagining Service Design Beyond Neoliberal Economics
Julia Schaeper
pp: 6-11, 2023-12-22

Widening the Perspective of Service Design
Johannes Jan Pauen, Sebastian Vetter
pp: 12-15, 2023-12-22

Planet-Centric Service Design: How planetary perspectives will move organisations forward
Samuel Huber
pp: 18-23, 2023-12-22

WREN: A Deliberative Design Tool Supporting Systemic Change
Phillippa Rose, Victoria Betton
pp: 24-27, 2023-12-22

Reconnecting with our Roots in Evolving Design Practice: The imperative for change
Deborah Szebeko
pp: 28-33, 2023-12-22

535 Million Lives Improved Through Continuous Learning
Thomas Troch, Fenny Leautier-ten Brinke
pp: 34-39, 2023-12-22

Eliminative Design for Sustainable Futures in Service Design: Using our erasers as design tools
Zoltán Havasi
pp: 40-44, 2023-12-22

Applying Value-Led Participatory Design to Community Health Promotion: What should service design strive for in value co-creation?
Chia-Huei Sher, Yun-Cing Zeng, Tung-Jung Sung
pp: 45-49, 2023-12-22

The Hidden Value of Bridging Boundaries in Service Design: Fostering interconnectedness for the betterment of humanity and the planet
Hira Javed
pp: 50-53, 2023-12-22

Introducing the Community Foodprint App: Co-creating sustainable future food habits and practicing socially beneficial design
Elena Enrica Giunta
pp: 54-59, 2023-12-22

Introducing ‘Critical Service Design’: A paradigm shift for place-based climate action
Lara Salinas
pp: 60-62, 2023-12-22

Metrics for Impact: Elevating design in the business landscape
Sandra Griffel, Susanne Junglas
pp: 64-70, 2023-12-22

Making Service Design Future-Proof at NASA
Ashika Gopalkrishnan, Matt Morris, Kai Pandit, Victor Udoewa
pp: 72-75, 2023-12-22

David Bollier: Meet the activist, scholar and blogger
David Bollier
pp: 76-78, 2023-12-22


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