BatchMon. Monitoring and Simulation of Recipe Driven Batch Processes in Disturbance Situations

Hallenser Schriften zur Automatisierungstechnik, Bd. 2

Ulrich Christmann

ISBN 978-3-89722-801-6
225 pages, year of publication: 2001
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The project discribed in this thesis tries to close the gap between requirements expressed by practitioners of chemical companies working in the field of operating recipe driven batch processes and solution approaches which can be provided by the research community based on various theoretical methodologies. Herein, applicability and user acceptance of the proposed solutions are the primary goals of this work. Hence, different aspects of the examined problems have to looked at from the research as well as applicability point of view.

  • recipe control
  • ressource allocation monitoring
  • simulation
  • reactive rescheduling
  • batch driven plants


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