Proceedings of the GAMM Workshop. Discrete Modelling and Discrete Algorithms in Contin

Thomas Sonar, Ingo Thomas [Hrsg.]

ISBN 978-3-89722-683-8
Mechanics pages, year of publication: 2001
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Hierarchies of reducable kinetic models; Efficient Design Sensitivity; Numerical Simulation of 3D Boundary Layer of Atmospheric Flows; A calculus for stencils on arbitrary grids with applications to parallel PDE solution; The unsteady thermoregulation of premature infants - a model and its application; Meshless methods based on least squares kinetic upwind idea; Numerical Solution of Several Internal and External Flow Problems; Numerical Solution of the Euler Equations in the Rotating Coordinate Frame; Aerodynamic Shape Optimization using the adjoint Euler Equations; Introduction of upwind and free boundary into Lattice Boltzman method; Effective node adaption for grid-free-semi-Lagrangian advection; Numerical Simulation of Two-phase flow in Porous Media; The Finite-Volume-Particle Method for Conservation Laws; LBM - Discrete Dynamics and Finite Difference Method; Micro- and Macroscopic Models of Traffic Flow; Numerical Solution of the Flow a 2D and 3D Backward Facing Step; Visualization af discrete data in CFD; Theoretical investigation of the Lax-Friedrichs scheme in the low Mach number limit; Boundary-Fitted Grid-Refinement and ist Application in a Low Mach Number Solver; The Numerical Modeling of Acoustic Wave Propagation Using the Multiple Pressure Variables Approach

  • Discrete Modelling
  • Algorithms
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Numerical Mathematics


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