Beyond Europe: Politics and Change in Global and Regional Affairs

Radoslaw Fiedler, Andrzej Stelmach(Hrsg.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-4704-2
250 pages, year of publication: 2018
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Beyond Europe: Politics and Change in Global and Regional Affairs
Beyond Europe is an interesting collection of the research papers in the area of International Relations, which provides an overview of the modern world in the light of various theories explaining the mode in which certain countries function on the international arena. Despite the fact that the selection feels somewhat random at first, and the connection between the chosen topics is not immediately clear, the collection does manage to form a coherent whole.

The discrepancies, lines of divisions and prevalence of the particularisms do, in the end, create the global picture of the contemporary world, which is far from unified - even the agreements that are necessary for the future existence of the world can not be achieved at this stage. It is exemplified by the agreements and syndicates established by certain players on the international area that serve nothing else but to create or maintain the domination of one country over the other.

One of the few conclusions that one might come to after reading the volume is that the lack of empathy and class consciousness on the international area withholds the weaker players from development, and that modern politics laced with the neoliberal mode of thinking very unfortunately take neocolonialism for a more positively resounding concept of globalization. The collection takes a non-Eurocentric approach and does not moralize, which can be considered as an advantage of the book.

Piotr Kwiatkiewicz

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  • International Relations
  • Globalization
  • Protectionism


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