Mathematical modelling of molecular networks in cancer cells using modular response analysis

Bertram Klinger

ISBN 978-3-8325-4299-3
177 pages, year of publication: 2016
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Cancer emerges from the body's own cells that via mutations have become semi-autonomous with often fatal consequences for the host. To date, 25% of all death cases in Germany can be attributed to cancer. One reason behind the inability to confine tumours with current therapy approaches resides in the lack of comprehension of the complex molecular changes that occur during malignant transformation.

In order to thoroughly study molecular networks in cancer, the mathematical modelling technique Modular Response Analysis was extended for application to various tasks such as network reconstruction, feedback analysis, and hypothesis testing. These analyses enabled to extend the understanding of molecular interactions and to identify a potent combinatorial treatment strategy for a mutation type of cancer previously assumed to be undruggable.

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  • mathematical modelling
  • cancer
  • modular response analysis
  • signalling networks
  • gene regulatory networks


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