Changing the Trajectory. Quality for Opening up Education

Christian Stracke, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, Alastair Creelman, Tatiana Shamarina-Heidenreich (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-3686-2
250 pages, year of publication: 2014
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Changing the Trajectory. Quality for Opening up Education
Changing the Trajectory - Quality for Opening up Education

Digital technologies are radically changing the landscape of education and training. Open educational resources (OER), 'Massive Open Online Courses' (MOOCs), and the question of how to recognize open learning in formal education are challenging traditional models and practices.

These global changes are having an increasing impact on learning, education and training. With the introduction of MOOCs in recent years and the uptake of open education resources, open education at large and its quality have become an issue of major importance for education and training institutions, policies, publishers and professionals: All stakeholders are discovering the benefits of opening up learning opportunities.

However, quality evaluation and development models have not yet matured enough in order to provide guidance for open learning models to all stakeholders. Uncertainty is growing whether the new open learning environments are fit to lead the European learning revolution needed for the 21st century: How can open education processes contribute to excellent learning and high quality education provision? This book contributes to the new debate on Quality for Opening Up Education changing the trajectory and modernizing education, training & lifelong learning in our society.

  • Learning Innovation / Bildungsinnovationen
  • Learning Quality / Lernqualität
  • Opening Up Education / Öffnung der Aus- und Weiterbildung
  • E-Learning
  • Proceedings EIF LINQ 2014


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