Theory of a tillage wedge and its applications

V.V.Blednykh, P.G. Svechnikov

ISBN 978-3-8325-3550-6
91 pages, year of publication: 2013
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Theory of a tillage wedge and its applications
Scholars and practitioners around the world are constantly looking for such technologies, which would allow increasing the productivity of the soil and animals while reducing energy consumption per unit of production. In today's world very dynamic replacement of structural materials for lighter, more durable takes place, the technology of parts manufacturing becomes more perfect, it is possible to make them more complex in configuration, light and reliable. This is what causes the need for continuous updating the design of agricultural machinery.

The obtained theoretical regularities of the soil and tillage wedge interaction enable to create new designs and upgrade existing tillage working bodies and ensure the specified quality of tillage, which ultimately leads to receiving the agricultural product in the desired amount, the required quality, with minimal costs in comparison with the existing technologies and technical means.

This book will be useful to the work of scholars and practitioners, design and engineering organizations, researchers engaged in tilling the soil.

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  • cultivation
  • soil-cultivating units
  • design of agricultural machinery
  • technologies of cultivating crops
  • tillage wedge


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