The Hybridity of Terrorism. Understanding Contemporary Terrorism

Sebastian Wojciechowski

ISBN 978-3-8325-3422-6
210 pages, year of publication: 2013
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The Hybridity of Terrorism. Understanding Contemporary Terrorism
''The range of books on terrorism on the international publishing market is enormous. This is not surprising, however, as in our times terrorism is one of the principal factors in the dynamics of international relations and political transformations in many countries. It is therefore difficult to reach the readers with a new concept that describes and explains modern terrorism unless one is an expert who has been investigating the phenomenon of terrorism for a number of years, who has been examining it in many countries, and who has a clear idea of how to conduct such studies. The Polish researcher, Professor Sebastian Wojciechowski, co-author of such books as Terrorist Pandora's Box: Analysis of Chosen Terrorist Issue; The Modern Terrorism and Its Forms; The Faces of Terrorism; Terrorism as a Timeless Actor on the International Stage; The Power of Terrorism, to mention only a few, is a member of this elite circle of experts.

In his latest book, Professor Wojciechowski makes an innovative proposal he has named the Concept of the Hybridity of Terrorism, which he understands as ''a combination of selected, very different (sometimes even contradictory) elements of a given phenomenon (e.g. its causes, features, kinds, effects, and so on) and the analysis of various relations that occur between them, in order to show the nature, specificity or evolution of the phenomenon analysed.'' Professor Wojciechowski determines the fields of his research and interpretation of the hybridity and arranges them into a coherent and logical cube, created by the hybridity of The Subject of Research, Actors of Terrorism, Forms of Terrorism, Causes of Terrorism, Spatial Hybridity of Terrorism and Hybridity of Features of Terrorism. He continues by meticulously identifying the main research issues from each of the sides of the cube, providing the reader with an extensive list of references he uses as his sources.

In my opinion, this book by Professor Wojciechowski will soon be required reading. It should find a place in the library of every person wishing to penetrate in more depth the difficult to comprehend phenomenon of terrorism in recent years, to perceive the nature of its complex manifestations, and the sense of multidisciplinary research projects.''

Professor Wojciech Kostecki

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  • Terrorism
  • Actors of Terrorism
  • Forms of Terrorism
  • Causes of Terrorism
  • Politics


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