Interactive Narrative

Ulla Marquardt

ISBN 978-3-8325-3396-0
250 pages, year of publication: 2013
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Interactive Narrative
Interactive Narrative looks at the history of narration and examines current trends and projects within the field of interactive storytelling. What defines a narrative? Why should a piece of video art, a movie or a TV broadcast be interactive? How does the potential for interaction change the character of the underlying narrative?

In this work established artistic and narrative strategies are challenged and an appreciation of an actively contributing audience is developed. Questions of authorship are addressed and an outlook for future developments is given.

This book is a valuable resource for all academics and practitioners involved in teaching or working in the media and electronic arts field.

Table of contents (PDF)


  • Narration
  • Interaktion
  • Interaktive Kunst
  • Multimediales Erzählen
  • Medienkunst


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