Integrative Long-Term Supply Chain Demand Planning

Dienstleistungsmanagement in Theorie und Praxis, Bd. 6

Solveig Zinnert

ISBN 978-3-8325-2663-4
115 pages, year of publication: 2010
price: 34.00 €
Integrative planning in supply chains is an essential field in logistics management. But still there are open questions especially in a long-term perspective: In order to align strategic decisions of several supply chain partners an integrated long-term demand planning process is necessary but in many industries sill mission. This would enable companies for example to co-ordinate their long-term investments in production facilities as well as transport and storage capacities and therefore increase overall efficiency in supply chains.

This edition gives a very good outline about the basic problem, providing further an innovative stepwise approach to solve the integrated planning problem. The concept is matched with the business case `BP' as a typical company and industry with influential long-term changes ahead. By this business example implementation the real life value of such planning instruments can be shown. This will motivate many companies and industries to transfer the concept to their specific environments in order to further optimize their supply chains in the future.

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  • Supply Chain Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Integration


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