Gaseous Vanadium, Vanadium-Oxide and -Hydroxide Clusters: From Clusters to Model Catalysts

Sandra Feyel

ISBN 978-3-8325-2051-9
212 pages, year of publication: 2008
price: 37.00 €
The present work explores the reactivities of gaseous vanadium, vanadium-oxide, and oxovanadium-hydroxide clusters toward methanol and small hydrocarbons. Various means of mass-spectrometric techniques, isotopic labeling studies, infrared photodissociation spectroscopy, and complementary DFT-calculations are employed for this purpose. Additionally, the hydrogen-atom abstraction process from methane by polynuclear metal oxides is discussed.

This work contributes to a better understanding of the metal-oxide cluster's catalytic activity on a molecular scale.

  • Massenspektrometrie
  • Gasphasenchemie
  • Metalloxidcluster
  • Katalyse
  • Isotopenmarkierungsstudien

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