Mathematical Practice and Development throughout History. Proceedings of the 18th Novembertagung on the History, Philosophy and Didactics of Mathematics

Ingo Witzke [Hrsg.]

ISBN 978-3-8325-1668-0
281 pages, year of publication: 2009
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The 18th Novembertagung took place in Bonn, Germany, from 1st to 4th November 2007. Its theme, Mathematical Practice & Development throughout History, was chosen to provide the opportunity of interaction between young researchers. It allowed for a variety of conceptions of mathematics, and for a combination of different research methods.

History, philosophy and didactics of mathematics are strongly interrelated. Key questions shared by researchers of all three fields are "How do mathematical concepts develop?", "What are characteristic features of mathematical knowledge?", "How do the habits of mathematical practice change over time?", "How does the notion of formal proof emerge?", or questions concerning the interrelation between the development of mathematics and the development of e.g. the natural sciences.

This proceedings volume is to be seen as one integral part of the 2007 conference, matching its general character in various ways. The selection of papers shows a very broad, multidisciplinary spectrum of topics, backgrounds, and formats dealing with the conference`s topic.

  • Mathematikgeschichte
  • Philosophie der Mathematik
  • Mathematikdidaktik
  • Wissenschaftstheorie
  • Entwicklung der Mathematik


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