Values at Work - Business Professors' Influence on Corporate Values

Final report on the first global research project of the International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM)

Ursula Hansen, Dirk Moosmayer, Matthias Bode, Ulf Schrader

ISBN 978-3-8325-1619-2
113 pages, year of publication: 2007
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A majority of academics wants to convey not only factual knowledge but also values. This is one of the key results of this study which investigates business professors' intentions to transfer values and identifies possible determinants.

The presented results are based on a survey in six languages among 1,741 academics from more than 18 countries. They show that for many business professors the social responsibilities of companies and students play a key role in addition to the consideration of economic aspects.

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  • Values
  • Responsibility
  • Management
  • Higher Education
  • Globalization


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