Strategic alliances in the high-tech industry

Krzysztof Klincewicz

ISBN 978-3-8325-1119-7
275 pages, year of publication: 2006
price: 40.50 €
The book discusses the underlying logic of the high-tech industry, arguing that recent technological and strategic developments made interorganizational alliances inevitable. In the last 15 years, strategic alliances became the main driving force for the industry development and nowadays, one cannot think of “stand-alone” strategies and complete independence, due to the proliferation of technology standards, long- or short-term linkages, and the complementary nature of advanced products. The book offers a comprehensive review of existing literature, concerning strategic alliances, management of technology and high-tech markets. It further proposes the model of high-tech value chain, resulting from the nature of new technologies, but constituting the industry structure and impacting businesses of all high-tech companies.

  • Innovationsmanagement
  • Unternehmensstrategien
  • High-Tech Industrie
  • Unternehmensallianzen
  • Unternehmensnetzwerke

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