Nanoparticle Precipitation - an experimental and numerical investigation including mixing

Hans-Christoph Schwarzer

ISBN 978-3-8325-0916-3
200 pages, year of publication: 2005
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Many properties of particulate products are not only a function of the material's bulk properties, but also depend on the size and size distribution of the particles, especially for nanoparticles. Tailoring and controlling the resulting particle size distribution are therefore key issues when generating nanoparticles.

In this work on nanoparticle generation by precipitation, the impact of various parameters -- process as well as material parameters -- on the resulting particle size distribution is investigated by experimental and numeric means. Critical parameters are identified and several process models which aim for the predictive simulation of the precipitated particle size distribution are derived and successfully tested.

  • Fällung
  • Nanopartikel
  • Mischen
  • Bariumsulfat
  • Populationsbilanz


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