A New Robotic System for Visually Controlled Percutaneous Interventions under X-ray Fluoroscopy or CT-imaging

Michael Loser

ISBN 978-3-8325-0845-6
191 pages, year of publication: 2005
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Image guided needle placement procedures are often performed under X-ray fluoroscopy or CT-imaging, since both modalities provide real-time image feedback with appropriate quality and convenient access to the patient. However, both imaging modalities use ionizing radiation, which often results in high radiation dose especially for the operator. An answer to this problem is presented in this work: the development of a micro-robot for image guided, remotely controlled needle placement procedures using X-ray fluoroscopy or CT-imaging. Furthermore, a novel automatic image-guided control algorithm based on "visual servoing" has been developed for the robot. This control approach requires no prior calibration or registration. In several cadaver trials a needle placement accuracy of about 1.5mm with X-ray fluoroscopy and about 1.6mm with CT-imaging has been achieved. Beside this high accuracy, the system allows to accelerates the puncture procedure and reduces the X-ray exposure for both patient and surgeon.

  • medical robotics
  • visual servoing
  • automatic needle placement
  • computer assisted surgery
  • image guided interventions


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