Aachener Beiträge zur Akustik
ISSN: 2512-6008

Herausgeber: Janina Fels und Michael Vorländer

RWTH Aachen

vormals: Aachener Beiträge zur Technischen Akustik, ISSN: 1866-3052

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Bislang erschienene Bände:
Bd. 1: Malte Kob
Physical Modeling of the Singing Voice
Bd. 2: Martin Klemenz
Die Geräuschqualität bei der Anfahrt elektrischer Schienenfahrzeuge
Bd. 3: Rainer Thaden
Auralisation in Building Acoustics
Bd. 4: Michael Makarski
Tools for the Professional Development of Horn Loudspeakers
Bd. 5: Janina Fels
From Children to Adults: How Binaural Cues and Ear Canal Impedances Grow
Bd. 6: Tobias Lentz
Binaural Technology for Virtual Reality
Bd. 7: Christoph Kling
Investigations into damping in building acoustics by use of downscaled models
Bd. 8: Joao Henrique Diniz Guimaraes
Modelling the dynamic interactions of rolling bearings
Bd. 9: Andreas Franck
Finite-Elemente-Methoden, Lösungsalgorithmen und Werkzeuge für die akustische Simulationstechnik
Bd. 10: Sebastian Fingerhuth
Tonalness and consonance of technical sounds
Bd. 11: Dirk Schröder
Physically Based Real-Time Auralization of Interactive Virtual Environments
Bd. 12: Marc Aretz
Combined Wave And Ray Based Room Acoustic Simulations Of Small Rooms
Bd. 13: Bruno Sanches Masiero
Individualized Binaural Technology. Measurement, Equalization and Subjective Evaluation. Measurement, Equalization and Subjective Evaluation
Bd. 14: Roman Scharrer
Acoustic Field Analysis in Small Microphone Arrays
Bd. 15: Matthias Lievens
Structure-borne Sound Sources in Buildings
Bd. 16: Pascal Dietrich
Uncertainties in Acoustical Transfer Functions. Modeling, Measurement and Derivation of Parameters for Airborne and Structure-borne Sound
Bd. 17: Elena Shabalina
The Propagation of Low Frequency Sound through an Audience
Bd. 18: Xun Wang
Model Based Signal Enhancement for Impulse Response Measurement
Bd. 19: Stefan Feistel
Modeling the Radiation of Modern Sound Reinforcement Systems in High Resolution
Bd. 20: Frank Wefers
Partitioned convolution algorithms for real-time auralization
Bd. 21: Renzo Vitale
Perceptual Aspects Of Sound Scattering In Concert Halls
Bd. 22: Martin Pollow
Directivity Patterns for Room Acoustical Measurements and Simulations
Bd. 23: Markus Müller-Trapet
Measurement of Surface Reflection Properties. Concepts and Uncertainties
Bd. 24: Martin Guski
Influences of external error sources on measurements of room acoustic parameters
Bd. 25: Clemens Nau
Beamforming in modalen Schallfeldern von Fahrzeuginnenräumen
Bd. 26: Samira Mohamady
Uncertainties of Transfer Path Analysis and Sound Design for Electrical Drives
Bd. 27: Bernd Philippen
Transfer path analysis based on in-situ measurements for automotive applications
Bd. 28: Ramona Bomhardt
Anthropometric Individualization of Head-Related Transfer Functions Analysis and Modeling