MPI Series in Biological Cybernetics
ISSN: 1618-3037

Herausgeber: Prof. Dr. Nicos Logothetis

Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik
Speemannstr. 38
D-72076 Tübingen

Bislang erschienene Bände:

Bd. 1: Volker H. Franz
The relationship between visually guided motor behavior and visual perdeption
Bd. 2: Markus von der Heyde
A Distributed Virtual Reality System for Spatial Updating. Concepts, Implementation, and Experiments
Bd. 3: Anastasia Sigala
Visual object categorization and representation in primates: Psychophysics and Physiology
Bd. 4: Isabell Berndt
Event-related Lateralizations of EEG activity during Pointing
Bd. 5: Rainer Rosenzweig
Experimentelle Bestimmung der Verrechnungszeiten beim Stereosehen anhand der verzögert wahrgenommenen Tiefenumkehr von bewegten, teilweise verdeckten Objekten
Bd. 7: Titus R. Neumann
Biomimetic Spherical Vision. Biomimetische Algorithmen zum sphärischen Sehen
Bd. 8: Bernhard Riecke
How far can we get with just visual information?. Path integration and spatial updating studies in Virtual Reality
Bd. 9: Barbara Knappmeyer
Faces in Motion
Bd. 10: Ulrike von Luxburg
Statistical Learning with Similarity and Dissimilarity Functions
Bd. 11: Heiko Hoffmann
Unsupervised Learning of Visuomotor Associations
Bd. 12: Thomas Navin Lal
Machine Learning Methods for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Bd. 13: Christian Altmann
Integration of local elements to global shape in the human visual cortex
Bd. 14: Gerald Franz
An empirical approach to the experience of architectural space
Bd. 15: Elisabeth Huberle
Temporal and spatial properties of shape processing in the human visual cortex: Combined fMRI and MEG adaptation
Bd. 16: Tobias Pfingsten
Machine Learning for Mass Production and Industrial Engineering
Bd. 17: Daniel Berger
Sensor Fusion in the Perception of Self-Motion
Bd. 18: Karin Pilz
The role of facial and body motion for the recognition of identity
Bd. 19: Christian Wallraven
A computational recognition system grounded in perceptual research
Bd. 20: Wolfram Schenck
Adaptive Internal Models for Motor Control and Visual Prediction
Bd. 21: Xiaohai Sun
Causal Inference from Statistical Data
Bd. 22: Tobias Meilinger
Strategies of Orientation in Environmental Spaces
Bd. 23: Wolf Kienzle
Learning an Interest Operator from Human Eye Movements
Bd. 24: Martin Schwaiger
Konstruktion und Entwicklung omnidirektionaler Laufplattformen
Bd. 25: Marco Vitello
Perception of moving tactile stimuli
Bd. 26: Nina Gaißert
Perceiving Complex Objects. A Comparison of the Visual and the Haptic Modalities
Bd. 27: David Engel
Shape-Centered Representations. From Features to Applications
Bd. 28: Lewis L. Chuang
Recognizing Objects from Dynamic Visual Experiences
Bd. 29: Regine Armann
Faces in the Brain - a Behavioral, Eye-tracking and High-level Adaptation Approach to Human Face Perception
Bd. 30: Rodrigo Sigala
Investigating the neural representation of face categories
Bd. 31: Elvira Fischer
Visual motion and self-motion processing in the human brain
Bd. 32: Martin Breidt
Datenbasierte Gesichtsanimation
Bd. 33: Frank M. Nieuwenhuizen
Changes in Pilot Control Behaviour across Stewart Platform Motion Systems
Bd. 34: Florian Soyka
A Cybernetic Approach to Self-Motion Perception
Bd. 35: Stephan Streuber
The Influence of Different Sources of Visual Information on Joint Action Performance
Bd. 36: Samantha Alaimo
Novel Haptic Cues for UAV Tele-Operation
Bd. 37: Hans-Joachim Bieg
On the Coordination of Saccades with Hand and Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements
Bd. 38: Anette Giani
From multiple senses to perceptual awareness
Bd. 39: Markus Leyrer
Understanding and Manipulating Eye Height to Change the User's Experience of Perceived Space in Virtual Reality
Bd. 40: Katharina Dobs
Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms Underlying Dynamic Face Perception
Bd. 41: Kathrin Kaulard
Visual Perception of Emotional and Conversational Facial Expressions
Bd. 42: Ivelina Piryankova
The influence of a self-avatar on space and body perception in immersive virtual reality
Bd. 43: Janina Esins
Face processing in congenital prosopagnosia
Bd. 44: Alessandro Nesti
On the Perception of Self-motion: from Perceptual Laws to Car Driving Simulation
Bd. 45: Joost Venrooij
Measuring, modeling and mitigating biodynamic feedthrough
Bd. 46: Frank M. Drop
Control-Theoretic Models of Feedforward in Manual Control
Bd. 47: Stefano Geluardi
Identification and augmentation of a civil light helicopter: transforming helicopters into Personal Aerial Vehicles
Bd. 48: Laura Fademrecht
Action Recognition in the Visual Periphery
Bd. 49: Aurelie Saulton
Understanding the nature of the body model underlying position sense
Bd. 50: Burak Yüksel
Design, Modeling and Control of Aerial Robots for Physical Interaction and Manipulation

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