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Comparative Physical Education and Sport

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Journal Editors:
John Saunders (Chief Editor), Brisbane, AUS
Martin Holzweg (Associate Editor), German PE Teacher Association (DSLV), DE

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Current Issue: Volume 42 Number 2 2020


John Saunders
pp: 1-4, 2020-12-21

Responses of Chinese university students and their teacher to a season of sport education
Hairui Liu, Wei Shen, Peter A. Hastie
pp: 5-20, 2020-12-21

Differences in high intensity running when playing a 4-4-2 formation with a high press strategy: a case study from the English Championship
Rhys Carr, Rich Mullen, Morgan Williams
pp: 21-31, 2020-12-21

Extracurricular sport: objectives and perceptions of future physical education teachers
Irantzu Ibañez, Ana Zuazagoitia, Ibon Echeazarra, Luis Maria Zulaika, Iker Ros
pp: 32-44, 2020-12-21

Sources of Stress among Soccer Coaches in Gauteng Province, South Africa
Lesego Phetlhe, Heather Morris-Eyton, Alliance Kubayi
pp: 45-52, 2020-12-21

Book review:

Knijnik, J. (2018). The World Cup Chronicles: 31 Days that Rocket Brazil. Balgowlah Heights, NSW: Fairplay Publishing.
Luiz Uehara
pp: 53-55, 2020-12-21

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Translated Abstracts:

Special Supplement: Physical Education and Sport in Indonesia – Perspectives from 2020



John Saunders
pp: 1-3, 2020-12-11

Sport, science and politics in Indonesia: challenges in epistemology within an evolving global context
John Saunders, Rusli Lutan
pp: 4-17, 2020-12-11

The development and validation of a revised Friendship Activity Scale and Adjective Checklist for use in the Indonesian Unified Sports program
Erick Burhaein, Diajeng Tyas Pinru Phytanza, Nevzat Demirci
pp: 18-28, 2020-12-11

The experiences and understandings of the K-13 curriculum implementation of Indonesian teachers of Adapted Physical Education (APE)
Erick Burhaein, Beltasar Tarigan, Diajeng Tyas Pinru Phytanza
pp: 29-42, 2020-12-12

Developing IT-based learning media in sports anatomy
Sanusi Hasibuan, Muhammad Chairad, Tarsyad Nugraha
pp: 43-49, 2020-12-11

Developing a training tool for beginner athletes in Woodball
S. M. Fernanda Iragraha, Soegiyanto, Hari Setijono, Sugiharto
pp: 50-61, 2020-12-11

Match-fixing in football – the Indonesian experience and response
Rumi Iqbal Doewes
pp: 62-69, 2020-12-11

The association between physical fitness and mathematics scores in elementary schools in Indonesia
Dinar Dinangsit, Tatang Muhtar, Yogi Akin
pp: 70-77, 2020-12-11

The development of a Futsal speed training model
Rumi Iqbal Doewes, Fadilah Umar, Deddy Whinata Kardiyanto, Pamo Warih Adi, Manshuralhudlori
pp: 78-91, 2020-12-11

The value of Adobe Flash Player media in the learning of football skills
Slamet Riyadi, Rumi Iqbal Doewes, Satria Yudi Gontara
pp: 92-96, 2020-12-11

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