In addition to print publications, Logos Verlag Berlin offers authors to publish their work online. Two digital publication models are available. You can either publish as a traditional publication intended to be purchased by readers or on open access outlets.

    eBooks for Purchase

The additional publication of an eBook as well as a book preview on Google Play are free of charge. We will add bookmarks and optimize the pdf for online viewing. Our eBooks can be purchased from our website, GooglePlay, Proquest, EBSCOHost and other platforms.

    Open Access eBooks

As an additional service to a print publication, Logos Verlag Berlin offers authors the option of publishing an online publication under the Open Access paradigm, which promotes free access to scientific knowledge. This model does not imply a simple upload of an eBook online but a compliance with quality criteria and technical standards. We guarantee the following services as part of our Open Access model:
  • Web optimization of the publication file
  • Creation of an interactive table of contents (bookmarks)
  • Creation of metadata
  • Awarding a DOI number for the possibility of citation
  • Awarding a Creation Commons License
  • Uploading to scientific repositories
  • Linking up with the academic search indexes
  • Deposit of the digital copy to the German National Library
  • Long term archiving, free download for all readers