Cultural Management - Science and Education

Cultural Management: Science and Education

ISSN: 2512-6962

Editorial Board:
Łukasz Wróblewski (Editor in Chief)
Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz (Deputy Editor in Chief)
Joanna Kurowska-Pysz, Katarzyna Szczepanska-Woszczyna,
Marek Walancik
Regina Bogaczyk (Secretary)
(University of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland)
Cultural Management: Science and Education (CMSE) is published two times a year (June and December) in printed and in electronic form.

Current Issue: Volume 5 Number 2 (2021)


Ethnic-Based Cultural Differences: Study of Lithuania's Russian Minority
Grazina Ciuladiene, Karolina Walancik, Viktorija Sevcuvianec
pp: 9-22, 2022-01-04

Media Cultural Landscape: Experience from Czechia
Jan Sucháček, Jaroslav Koutský
pp: 23-32, 2022-01-04

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statements in the U. S. Creative Sector: Progress, or More Bullshit?
Antonio C. Cuyler
pp: 33-46, 2022-01-04

Art and Communication: A Look to the Art Market
Adria Harillo Pla
pp: 47-64, 2022-01-04

Cultural Determinants of Business Negotiations and Behaviors
Grzegorz Maciejewski
pp: 65-82, 2022-01-04

European Museums: Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dejana Prnjat
pp: 83-94, 2022-01-04

Stakeholder Salience Model in the Practices of Public Museum Management
Magdalena Sawczuk
pp: 95-110, 2022-01-04

Study of University Students’ Learning Motivation for Improving the Educational Process Efficiency (in Riga and Smolensk Samples)
Jelena Jermolajeva, Svetlana Silchenkova, Larissa Turusheva
pp: 111-126, 2022-01-04

Identification of Values Shaping Inter-Organizational Relations on the Example of the Project The Metropolitan Theatres Night
Joanna Kurowska-Pysz, Dominika Wienchor, Jacek Woźnikowski
pp: 127-144, 2022-01-04

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