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International Sports Studies

The Perception of Quality Physical Education in China

Walter Ho, Jiaxi Hu, Klaudia Rafael, Yang Yang Xie, Dilsad Ahmed, Min Liu, Tao Wang, Yimeng Wang

International Sports Studies 45 No. 2 (2023)     pp: 69-87     2023-12-21
The Perception of Quality Physical Education in China

Quality Physical Education, QPE, Physical Education Teachers, QPE Perspectives, China Cite: APA    BibTeX

Ho, W., & Hu, J., & Rafael, K., & Xie, Y.Y., & Ahmed, D., & Liu, M., & Wang, T., & Wang, Y. (2023). The Perception of Quality Physical Education in China. International Sports Studies, 45 (2), 69-87. doi:10.30819/iss.45-2.06
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author = {Walter Ho, Jiaxi Hu, Klaudia Rafael, Yang Yang Xie, Dilsad Ahmed, Min Liu, Tao Wang, Yimeng Wang},
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Promoting quality physical education (QPE), regarded as the best way to induce quality learning among children and adolescents, has received widespread attention. This study contributes to the discourse on QPE by conducting a study in mainland China that involved 437 physical education (PE) professionals from six administrative divisions of 30 provinces. The research adopted the questionnaire initially developed by the QPE research team from the International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport in 2018. Results indicated an overall mean of 7.39 in the QPE development. The highest mean score was 7.73 in the Skill Development and Bodily Awareness (SDBA) dimension, and the lowest was 7.14 in Plans for Feasibility and Accessibility of PE (PFAPE). PE professionals with less work experience scored higher on the overall development of QPE and the eight dimensions. The QPE scores of East China and Central South China in all eight dimensions were significantly higher than those of Northwest China. These findings indicate the importance of enhancing cognitive functioning strategies in developing QPE in mainland China. Recommendations include using a resource-input and intentional intervention model to investigate the differences in QPE development among the regions in China.
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