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International Sports Studies

Views of Turkish football stakeholders on video assistant referee technology

Hüseyin Aycan, Zeynep Onağ

International Sports Studies 44 No. 2 (2022)     pp: 73-88     2022-12-19
Views of Turkish football stakeholders on video assistant referee technology

Stichworte/keywords: passive participation in sport, licensed athlete, happiness, loneliness, gender

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Aycan, H., & Onağ, Z. (2022). Views of Turkish football stakeholders on video assistant referee technology. International Sports Studies, 44 (2), 73-88. doi:10.30819/iss.44-2.06
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The purpose of this study was to carry out an in-depth examination of the views of Turkish football stakeholders on "video assistant referee" technology. The stakeholder sample consisted of 18 male participants, comprising a referee board member, referees, observers, club managers, footballers, coaches, press members and fans. Semistructured interviews provided the data. A descriptive analysis of the data was then undertaken. In the participants' opinions, the main purpose of the VAR Technology is greater fairness, increased objectivity, referee development, reduction in errors, prevention of critical mistakes, and to avoid spoiling the nature of football. The participants' views on the implementation of the VAR Technology were divided into two components the effect on referee behaviour and the impact on the match performance. While the positive effects regarding referee behaviours were referees' making correct decisions, preventing the unfair loss of points, reducing referee mistakes, improvement of the referees, the negative outcome was an increased discussion of referees. The impact on match performance was evaluated negatively by the participants. The reasons were loss of time, loss of naturalness, getting distanced from the match, a decrease in excitement, and loss of motivation. Lastly, the participants’ opinion about the future for VAR Technology was that the use of this technology will continue develop in the coming years and should be supported.
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