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Methodical Aspects of Stylistic Attribution Arrangement of Pop-Vocal Composition

Stepan Giga, Larysa Oparyk

ASIAN-EUROPEAN MUSIC RESEARCH JOURNAL 12 (2023)     pp: 81-92     2023-12-13
Methodical Aspects of Stylistic Attribution Arrangement of Pop-Vocal Composition

Arrangement, Pop-vocal composition, Cover version, Stylistic attribution, Sound image Cite: APA    BibTeX

Giga, S., & Oparyk, L. (2023). Methodical Aspects of Stylistic Attribution Arrangement of Pop-Vocal Composition. ASIAN-EUROPEAN MUSIC RESEARCH JOURNAL, 12 , 81-92. doi:10.30819/aemr.12-7
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The purpose of the research is to theoretically develop methods of characterisation and attribution of the style of arranging a pop-vocal composition. Based on the task of identifying active means of music expression, the most suitable methods for determining the characteristic features of style were used; the specific features of form, textural, temporithmic, timbre, melodic-thematic, and ladoharmonic organisation of the musical material of arrangement were analysed. As a result, the algorithm of analytical actions in the process of hearing expertise on the specific features of the musical language of arrangement is aimed at identifying the genesis of the stylistic profile of pop-vocal composition, which usually has features of genre-style synthesis of different areas of popular, jazz, folk, or academic music. In this regard, the parameters of temporithm and phonism are defined as basic criteria for recognising the stylistic dominant of the instrumental component of the song genre. The scientific apparatus of stylistic analysis methods, along with conventional musicological research methods, were used, as well as definitions of constant and aconstant types of the sound image of arrangement as operational criteria of stylistic differentiation of recyclic and through-dramaturgical principles of development of the sound idea of pop-vocal composition. During the comparative hearing analysis of the sound recordings of the famous Ukrainian song Ā«I will go to distant mountainsĀ» in the original author's performance of Volodymyr Ivasyuk and its cover version performed by Kvitka Cisyk and arranged by Jack Cortner, the method of comparative stylistic characteristics of arrangements was carried out on the principle of contrasting comparisons or comparisons on the similarity of creative methods of instrumentation, formation, tempo-rithmic, melodic-thematic, and ladotonal organisation of musical material of instrumental accompaniments. The result of the study was the systematisation of the procedure of stylistic attribution of cover versions arrangements of works of popular song genres. The conclusions substantiate the need to consider the criteria of musical novelty and aesthetic value in evaluating the results of stylistic rethinking by the arranger of the original song musical text, which in the new version can appear as a unique, individualised concept that has actual artistic importance for modern listening audiences.
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