Volume 14 No. 3 (2023)
96 Seiten
ISSN 2940-2778
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Editors: Jesse Grimes, Erico Fileno, Krisztian Komandi, Greg Lakloufi, Tina Weisser, Birgit Mager


Proving the Concept: Deciding Where to Start (and End) a V1 Launch
Emily Winograd, Melanie Spivack
pp: 8-11, 2024-03-11

From Vision to Reality: An integrated approach to implementing services
Kerri McGar, Shreya Dhawan
pp: 12-17, 2024-03-11

Implementation? Servicedesign alone is not the answer
Marianne Brierley, Joanna Evans, Alex Nisbett, Isobel Seacombe
pp: 18-21, 2024-03-11

Design for Meaningful Impact in the Airport Context
Zahra Merchant, Jan Zekveld
pp: 22-26, 2024-03-11

A Systemic Approach to Measuring Service Implementation
Sujeet Kumar
pp: 27-29, 2024-03-11

Navigating the Service Lifecycle: Design, Implementation and Scale
Manuel Großmann, Tim Hermes
pp: 30-35, 2024-03-11

Tourism Transformation Through Service Design: Creating brand experience and a service ecosystem
Zhen Qin, LingGeng Feng, MeiYin Mo
pp: 36-41, 2024-03-11

A Framework for Connecting Vision to Value: Service design insights from an on-going, multi-year manufacturing transformation
John Sexton, Julia Dinoto, Naman Mandhan
pp: 42-46, 2024-03-11

Unleashing Impact: Integrating Behaviour Design into Service Innovation
Vijay Chakravarthy
pp: 47-49, 2024-03-11

Digital Transformation Through Service Design and Programme Management
Katalin Doczi-Nagy, Robin Wittmeyer
pp: 51-54, 2024-03-11

Introducing ‘Conscious’ Service Design: Redesigned methods to address environmental and societal issues
Elisabeth Friesinger
pp: 55-60, 2024-03-11

Implementing the Customer-Centric Mandate: Journey management from the perspective of large organisations
Warren Duffy
pp: 61-67, 2024-03-11

Resolving Implementation Conflicts in Service Design: The ‘Evaporating Cloud’ tool
Ricardo Martins
pp: 68-70, 2024-03-11

Integrating Holistic Experience Thinking in Service Research: A practical method applied at a home retailer
Shi-Ling Zhang, Hsien-Hui Tang, Michael T Lai
pp: 71-76, 2024-03-11

Speculative Labs: Shaping future management practices through collaborative scenario experimentation
Paula Wuth, Ricardo J Hernandez, Leonel Merino, Sebastián Negrete, Camila Silva
pp: 77-85, 2024-03-11

Building Foundations for Successful Service Design Implementation
Kim Anderson
pp: 87-89, 2024-03-11

Designers' Influence on Implementing Service Design Projects: Findings from discussions within the global service design community
André Fleury, Cristiane Bertoldi, Camilla Annarumma, Maria Alice Gonzales, Rafael Toledo
pp: 90-92, 2024-03-11

Dr Tina Weisser: Meet the implementation expert
Tina Weisser
pp: 93-95, 2024-03-11


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