International Sports Studies

Volume 45 No. 2 (2023)
125 Seiten
ISSN 1443-0770
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Editors: ISCPES


Editorial: Advancing Quality Physical Education - Evolving Global Perspectives
Maria Luisa M. Guinto
pp: 1-5, 2023-12-21

Quality Physical Education (QPE) Measurement Tool Development
Walter Ho, Dilsad Ahmed, Klaudia Rafael, Rosa Lopez de D’Amico, Branislav Antala, Min Liu, Xiaoxi Dong, Yang Yang Xie
pp: 6-27, 2023-12-21

Understanding Quality Physical Education from the Perspective of Asian PE Professionals
Klaudia Rafael, Walter Ho, Dilsad Ahmed, Yang Yang Xie, Min Liu, Mila Gallardo, Raul Calderon Jr, Naoki Suzuki, Suporntip Pupanead, Kicheon Lee, Vu Viet Bao, Wilfred Wong, Jiaxi Hu, Patrick Ip, Mingching Hsueh
pp: 28-40, 2023-12-21

Voices from PE Professionals in Mindanao: Expectations Underlying Quality Physical Education Development
Yang Yang Xie, Klaudia Rafael, Walter Ho, Mila A. Gallardo, Henry C. Daut, Michelle M. Layao, Atreju Mikhail A. Gallardo
pp: 41-55, 2023-12-21

Socioeconomic Factors and Perceptual Gaps in Quality Physical Education in Japan
Walter Ho, Klaudia Rafael, Yang Yang Xie, Naoki Suzuki, Jiaxi Hu, Keyue Yan
pp: 56-68, 2023-12-21

The Perception of Quality Physical Education in China
Walter Ho, Jiaxi Hu, Klaudia Rafael, Yang Yang Xie, Dilsad Ahmed, Min Liu, Tao Wang, Yimeng Wang
pp: 69-87, 2023-12-21

Quality Physical Education Perceptions Among PE Professionals: an Exploratory Factor Analysis
Md. Dilsad Ahmed, Reza Heydari, Klaudia Rafael, Walter Ho, Mahdi Esfahani
pp: 88-102, 2023-12-21

From Decentralised to Centralised Education: Consequences for Quality Physical Education in Macao SAR
Walter Ho, Klaudia Rafael, Yang Yang Xie, Dilsad Ahmed, Ling Qin, Jiaxi Hu, Zhaojian Cai, Yimeng Wang, Keyue Yan, Rui Gao
pp: 103-119, 2023-12-21


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