Volume 9 (2022)

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Diasporas and Global Musical Networks: Jewish Perspectives
Seroussi, Edwin
pp: 1-8, 2022-06-27

Performing the South Seas: Singapore Chinese Orchestra and the Making of Nanyang-Style Music
Lee Ming-yen [李明晏]
pp: 9-26, 2022-06-27

‘A Tiger’s Coming Down’: Gugak in the Metaverse
Clark, Jocelyn
pp: 27-54, 2022-06-27

Notes on an Early Chinese National Anthem
Robinson, Keith
pp: 55-64, 2022-06-27

The Maraa-Ipaddima Ritual Drama in Sri Lanka
Weerakkody, Iranga Samindani
pp: 65-82, 2022-06-27

Jazz History in Thailand: From Profession to Music Education
Suwannabhum, Tayakorn and Kyle Fyr
pp: 83-92, 2022-06-27

The Quality and Stature of Soviet and Post-Soviet Musical Education: An Analysis of Music Conservatoires
Sultanova, Razia
pp: 93-102, 2022-06-27

World Music Cultures in Russian Musical Education
Yunusova, Violetta
pp: 103-108, 2022-06-27

Indus Blues: A Short Collection of Impressions on an Ethnographic Documentary
Chaudhuri, Shubha, Joe Peters, Chinthaka Prageeth Meddegoda, Fulvia Caruso, Sukanya Guha, Mu Qian, Gisa Jähnichen, Andrej Kocan, and Matthias Lewy
pp: 109-112, 2022-07-26

The First USA Performance of Tuvan Throat Singers
Kleikamp, Bernard
pp: 113-118, 2022-06-27

Review of "Jim Sykes (2018). The Musical Gift: Sonic Generosity in Post-War Sri Lanka"
Meddegoda, Chinthaka Prageeth
pp: 119-122, 2022-06-27


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