Volume 8 (2021)

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Hudhud: A Living Oral Tradition of the Ifugao
Bienvenido B. Constantino, Jr.
pp: 1-8, 2021-12-09

Playing and Fighting as an Electric Violinist
Kirsten Seidlitz
pp: 9-18, 2021-12-09

Re-Contemplating the Classification of Multiple Reeds
Liu Xiangkun [刘祥焜]
pp: 19-26, 2021-12-09

Kerala´s Ancient Mizhavu Drum: Transformations and Sustainability
K. Sajith Vijayan [കലാമണ്ഡലം സജിത്ത് വിജയൻ] and Karin Bindu
pp: 27-38, 2021-12-09

Vinay Mishra and the Artistry of the Harmonium
Lahiru Gimhana Komangoda [ලහිරු ගිම්හාන කෝමන්ගොඩ]
pp: 39-46, 2021-12-09

Study on 24 Jieling Drums as Urban Cultural Landscape in Malaysia
Yang Yunxi [杨蕴茜] and Chow Ow Wei [曹爾威]
pp: 47-64, 2021-12-09

Event-Review: Chinese Church Music since the Tang Dynasty
Zhang Zhentao [张振涛]
pp: 65-70, 2021-12-09

Report on the Conference `China Sounds Abroad: Migration, Mobility and Modernity'
Feng Xiangjun [冯相郡]
pp: 71-72, 2021-12-09

Revie of ``Storytelling in Siberia: The Olonkho Epic in a Changing World''
Gisa Jähnichen
pp: 73-75, 2021-12-09

Event Review: The XXXVI European Seminar in Ethnomusicology
Fulvia Caruso
pp: 76-78, 2021-12-09

Review: The Yandong Grand Singers by Pan Records 2122 CD
Catherine Ingram and Wu Jiaping [伍家平]
pp: 79-82, 2021-12-09


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