Volume 7 (2021)

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The Transtextual Gender Construction in the Opera Madame White Snake
Fang Bo [方博]
pp: 1-18, 2021-06-21

Symphonies, Status and Soft Power: The Symphony Orchestra of India
Hannah Marsden
pp: 19-36, 2021-06-21

Genre Localization in Current Popular Music of the Philippines
Li Jia [李嘉]
pp: 37-54, 2021-06-21

What is Known About Some Music Features and Song Lyrics of the Khmer Living in the South of Vietnam?
Nguyen The Truyen [Nguyễn Thế Truyền]
pp: 55-68, 2021-06-21

Leuangtengdong: Analysis of a Hmong Song
Paula Stefanini
pp: 69-76, 2021-06-21

Understanding an Epic Song of the Hmong in Laos From The Perspective of Oral Composition
Zhang Xun [张寻]
pp: 77-90, 2021-06-21

Home-Coming: The Repatriation of Historical Recordings
Ling Jia Sui [凌嘉穗]
pp: 91-96, 2021-06-21


Book Review of ‘Kirsten Seidlitz. 2020. Musik \& Politischer Konflikt aus der Türkei – kurdische, alevitische und linke Musik in Deutschland’ [Music and Political Conflict from Turkey – Kurdish, Alevi, and Leftist Music In Germany]. Bielefeld: Transcript.
Gisa Jähnichen
pp: 97-99, 2021-06-21

Review Essay: Why Was this Colloquium on Drums and Drum Ensembles Along the Silk Road Important in these Times?
Aly Abdelaty Ebrahim Hassan [على عب د العاطي ابراهيم حسن]
pp: 100-102, 2021-06-21

Review of ‘Ziying You. 2020. Folk Literati, Contested Tradition, and Heritage in Contemporary China: Incense is Kept Burning’
Corey Moore
pp: 103-105, 2021-06-21

Review of ‘British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE) Annual Conference, 8-11 April 2021’
Aniarani Andita & Aditi Krishna [दिदि कृष्ण]
pp: 106-108, 2021-06-21


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