Volume 6 (2020)

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ISSN 2625-378X
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A Study of Musical Instrument Pictographs on Zuojiang Huashan Rock Arts
Huang Yu [黄羽]
pp: 1-16, 2020-12-04

Gamelan Melayu Sound Preservation and Archiving through Recording Methods and Production Techniques
Muralitheran Munusamy
pp: 17-40, 2020-12-04

Hindustani Classical Music in Sri Lanka: A Dominating Minority Music or an Imposed Musical Ideology?
Chinthaka Prageeth Meddegoda
pp: 41-50, 2020-12-04

Some Observations on Agrarian Life and Performing Arts in Today’s Sri Lanka
Saman Panapitiya
pp: 51-59, 2020-12-04

Some Observations on Flute Playing in Malaysia
Chai Yem Voon
pp: 60-80, 2020-12-04

Developing a Sense of Place through Minorities' Traditional Music in Contemporary China
Ning Ying [宁颖]
pp: 81-92, 2020-12-04

The Role of Music and Allied Arts in Public Writings on Cultural Diversity: “People of Sri Lanka”
Gisa Jähnichen
pp: 93-100, 2020-12-04

Echoing Tagore’s Love for the Monsoons
Sukanya Guha
pp: 101-104, 2020-12-04

A Few Words About the Upcoming Book “The Atlas of Makam Music in Anatolia and the Neighbouring Geographies”
Cenk Güray
pp: 105-107, 2020-12-04

My Flowing Life [我如水漂泊的一生]: The Songs of the Miao Cleaning Women in the Demon City [魔都] Shanghai
Xiong Manyu [熊曼谕]
pp: 108-112, 2020-12-04

The Morricone Paradox: A Film Music Genius Who Missed Writing Symphonies
Marcello Sorce Keller
pp: 113-115, 2020-12-04


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