Volume 11 (2023)

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ISSN 2625-378X
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The Impact of Hinduism and Buddhism on the Music of Indonesia
pp: 1-18, 2023-06-22

Wu Man, the Pipa and Chinese Tradition in a Contemporary Global Context?
Ma Ming-Hui [馬銘輝]
pp: 19-38, 2023-06-23

Keeping the Tradition Alive: Analysing the Work of C. De S. Kulatillake
Kamani Samarasinghe
pp: 39-48, 2023-06-23

Traces of Greek Mythology in the Folk Music and Oral Literature of Bushehr
Seyed Mohammadreza Beladi [سيد محمدرضا بلادی]
pp: 49-60, 2023-06-22

The Lived Experiences of Independent Western Classical Chamber Musicians in the United Arab Emirates: A Narrative Inquiry
Mia Martens and Catrien Wentink
pp: 61-76, 2023-06-22

Amy Wilkinson and the Chinese Blind Boys Band
Keith Robinson and Wang Lingli [王 玲琍]
pp: 77-92, 2023-06-22

The Role of Media in Promoting Hindustani Classical Music
Smriti Bhardwaj
pp: 93-104, 2023-06-22

Floating and Blending — The Songs of the Miao Cleaning Women in Shanghai
Xiong Manyu [熊曼谕]
pp: 105-116, 2023-06-22

Review Essay of the 24th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Musical Instruments
Lin Zhi [林 芝]
pp: 117-122, 2023-06-22

A Short Fieldwork Report on the Nuba Mountains
Timkehet Teffera Mekonnen
pp: 123-124, 2023-06-22


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