Volume 10 (Winter 2022)

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Creating a Global Music History
Timothy Rice, Dave Wilson
pp: 1-6, 2022-12-07

Oil, Trade, and Music: Penetration of European Musical Instruments and Music to Azerbaijan and Its Subsequence
Alla Bayramova
pp: 7-14, 2022-12-07

‘Nazira’ Traditions in Uzbek Music
Chinora Ergashova
pp: 15-20, 2022-12-07

The Refashioning of Thai School Theme Songs: A Case Study of Symphony on a ‘Pin-Hatai’ Theme
Bhannavichaya Vadhanasiriphongs
pp: 21-32, 2022-12-07

Mobility and Global Interaction of Chinese and Turkic Musical Cultures
Rezeda Khurmatullina
pp: 33-38, 2022-12-07

Patterns of Repertoire amongst Toronto Chinese Orchestras
Cui Yao
pp: 39-56, 2022-12-07

Musical Art of Uzbekistan in the 21st Century: Globalization and Preservation of Identity
Elnora Mamadjanova
pp: 57-60, 2022-12-07

Globalism and Mediterranean Modal Musics: The Case of the Tunisian Ṭubū’
Jared Holton
pp: 61-68, 2022-12-07

Enhancing Human Resources for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Values of Khmer Folk Music in Southern Vietnam
Pham Tiet Khanh
pp: 69-84, 2022-12-07

Review of “Goze: Women, Musical Performance, And Visual Disability in Traditional Japan” By Gerald Groemer, 2016
Gisa Jähnichen
pp: 85-88, 2022-12-07

Listen to ‘Mila’, Listen to the Hong Kong's Social Soundscape on the Contemporary Opera Stage (Review)
Fang Bo
pp: 89-94, 2022-12-07


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