Volume 1 (2018)

90 Seiten
ISSN 2625-378X

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Instead of an Introduction: Archives as a Source of Inspiration
Razia Sultanova
pp: 1-2

Find, Get, Use: Lessons from the Repatriation of Early Papua New Guinea Sound Recordings
Don Niles
pp: 3-12

Learning from Experience: Returning Music to Circulation in Local Communities
Anthony Seeger
pp: 13-19

What Does Sounding History Mean and to Whom? A Comprehensive Analysis of Early Sound Recordings from Axum (Ethiopia)
Timkehet Teffera
pp: 20-28

Visiting Nepal after 34 Years
Terada Yoshitaka
pp: 29-36

From Listener and Student to Coach and Scholar: Feedback on Collecting Taoist Music
Liu Hong
pp: 37-41

Mediating the Repatriation of Early Recordings
Xiao Mei
pp: 42-44

Audiovisual Archiving and National Memory
Li Song
pp: 45-50

Wax Cylinder Recordings of Chinese Music in the Berlin Phonogram Archive Collection
Ricarda Kopal
pp: 51-56

Repatriation of Intangible Heritage from the Perspective of Maintaining Cultural Resource
Gisa Jähnichen
pp: 57-62


Chinese Music as Cross-Culture: A Review of the 21st Chime International Conference in Lisbon 2018
Haiqiong Deng
pp: 63-64

Review Essay
Francesco Giannattasio & Giovanni Giuriati, eds. 2017. Perspectives on a 21st Century Comparative Musicology: Ethnomusicology or Transcultural Musicology? Nota Intersezioni Musicali Book IM 05. Istituto Interculturale di Studi Musicali Comparati. Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Udine: NOTA.
Gisa Jähnichen
pp: 65-69

“Why Can’t We Sing Together?” Reviewing The Activities Of SOUNDATE
Cheng Qiaoqiao
pp: 70-73

When the Visibility of the Audio Meets the Audibility of the Visual: A Review on Cities and Memory: Sound Photography
Chow Ow Wei
pp: 74-76