Deep-water metazoan fish parasites of the world

Sven Klimpel, Annett Seehagen, Harry W. Palm, Harald Rosenthal

ISBN 978-3-89722-681-4
280 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
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This checklist provides information on 621 marine metazon fish parasites recorded in the world ocean at depths of more than 200 m. It has been compiled from scientific journals, reports, and PH.D. and M.S. theses from German universities. The information is presented in the form of fish-parasite and parasite-fish lists, organised taxonomically by fishes and parasites. Also included are records of parasites not identified to the species level.

  • Parasiten
  • Systematik
  • Tiefsee
  • Zoogeographie
  • Marine Fishes


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