Similarities and Universality in Relativistic Flows - Proceedings of the PhD Euroconference held in Mykonos, Greece, 1-5 October 2000

Markos Georganopoulos

ISBN 978-3-89722-680-7
185 pages, year of publication: 2001
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Magnetically-driven jets from Keplerian accretion discs
Jonathan Ferreira & Fabien Casse

A novel mechanism for the formation of electron-positron outflow from hot accretion disks
Tatsuya Yamasai

Asymtotic magnetospheric structure filled with relativistic plasma outflows
Shin-ya Nitta

Modeling the high-energy radiative processes in relativistic plasma
Julien Malzac

Remarks on modeling non-ideal relativistic flow
Jochen Peitz

3D MHD simulations of relativistic electron transport and nonthermal emission in radio galaxies
Ian Tregillis

Structure and stability of MHD jets
Lery Thibaut

A new mechanism for generation of superluminal and stationary components in relativistic jets
Iván Agudo

Strong radio flares occuring in compact relativistic jets of AGNs
Yuri Y. Kovalev

High energy emission from blazar jets
Alexandre Marcowith

The influence of dust on the inverse Compton emission from jets in AGNi
Carsten Arbeiter

The ages of compact symmetric objects
Antonius G. Polatidis

Accretion-ejection instability in black hole binaries
Peggy Varnière

SS-433/W50 at TeV energies
Gavin P. Rowell for the HEGRA Collaboration

Simulations of synchrotron emission form Gamma-ray bursts
Turlough Downes

Light curves of GRB optical flashes
Shiho Kobayashi

Synchrotron emission from striped pulsar winds
Olaf Skjaeraasen

VHE Gamma ray observations of SN 1006
Sam Nolan

Very high energy gamma rays from Centaurus X-3
Michael Daniel

Observations of southern hemisphere AGN
Joy McKenny

Nearby Type Ia Supernovae
Maria J. Cruz on behalf of the SCP's Spring 1999 Nearby Campaign

Covariant mixmaster dynamics
Giovanni Imponente


Markos Georganopoulos
Axel Guthmann
Konstantina Manolakou
Alexandre Marcowith

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