Towards the Climate Neutral Management of Innovation and Energy Security in Smart World

Olena Borysiak, Karolina Mucha-Kuś, Vasyl Brych, Grzegorz Kinelski

ISBN 978-3-8325-5544-3
185 pages, year of publication: 2022
price: 39.00 €
Towards the Climate Neutral Management of Innovation and Energy Security in Smart World
``The monograph shows the level of ambition of climate goals set by the United Nations or the European Union. The authors also present the organizational and economic possibilities in terms of changes in the energy sector in Poland and Ukraine. Activities in the renewable energy segment alone, which are of a quantitative nature, may prove to be insufficient. Other modern systems and fuels must also be managed and developed. Governance in the energy sector should have a technological dimension in terms of activities and cooperation between market participants. The authors rightly note that with the progressive development of new technologies and the right strategy, the state is able to significantly improve the energy segment as a sector and increase its own energy security. Observing the complexity of the analyzed issues, an important element should be to adopt a broad perspective of the analysis.

The reviewed book is the work of four authors from two different research centers. The team consists of specialists in management, economics, and finance. Therefore the topics are addressed in interdisciplinary manner and a comprehensive approach to the issues in the presented monograph is suitable for readers’ audience in management and economic sciences.'' Blazenka Knezevic (University of Zagreb, Croatia)

``Such a comprehensive approach allows for an in-depth analysis of the topic with a forward-looking character, which can form the basis for improving the functioning of energy market participants and undertaking further research work by academics in the field of economic or energy sciences.'' Jacek Kaminski (Institute of Mineral Resources and Energy Management PAN Cracow, Poland)

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  • Climate Neutrality
  • Energy Security
  • Energy Sector
  • Innovation
  • Renewable Energy


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