The Value of Human Dignity. A Socio-cultural Approach to Value Crisis among Igbo People of Nigeria

Sozialethische Studien, Bd. 4

Chinedu Paul Ezenwa

ISBN 978-3-8325-5199-5
253 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Preis: 42.00 €
Where today is a specific, original and stable basis for a Political order to be found? What does the human dignity mean in the midst of the general crises of values? In the face of the ambivalent achievements of modernity and enlightenment, do the values of Christianity which until now have been regarded as the objective norm fail in its contact with the primal culture and the culture of the African communities? Where in this classes are the weakening and strengthening and specific challenges of this African People? This field of conflict must not only be described, but above all to ask about new opportunities to get out of the crisis of the value of human dignity in the Igbo society of Southeastern Nigeria. Ezenwas work seeks and aids understanding, using the facility of examining the subject of dignity in Igbo culture to throw light that casts much farther than the subject matter, begging for further inquiry into other complementary aspects of the culture. In other to achieve this, interdisciplinary research was needed.

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  • Human Dignity
  • Igbo People and Culture
  • African Culture
  • Value Crisis
  • Socio-cultural Approach


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