Physical Characterization of Coatings: Introduction to Rheology and Surface Analysis

Michael Osterhold

ISBN 978-3-8325-5049-3
140 pages, year of publication: 2020
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In this book, 11 chapters discuss two important areas of physical characterization of coatings. Chapters 1-6 deal with the characterization of the liquid coating under the keyword rheology. In addition to measuring methods for yield point determination, thixotropy and oscillation, examples of application in connection with performance properties are also described. In addition, topics such as surface charge and particle size determination and thermal analysis are addressed. Chapters 7-11 under the heading surface analysis cover topics such as surface structure and methods for characterizing the scratch resistance of the cured coating film. The importance of surface tension for certain coating properties and a first insight into the analysis of defects and into weathering testing are also presented.

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  • Rheology
  • Surface analysis
  • Physical Characterization
  • Coatings


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