Differential Invariants of Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces

Christian Barz

ISBN 978-3-8325-4894-0
204 pages, year of publication: 2019
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Differential Invariants of Prehomogeneous Vector Spaces
Differential invariants of prehomogeneous vector spaces studies in detail two differential invariants of a discriminant divisor of a prehomogeneous vector space. The Bernstein-Sato polynomial and the spectrum, which encode the monodromy and Hodge theoretic informations of an associated Gauss-Manin system.

The theoretical results are applied to discriminants in the representation spaces of the Dynkin quivers An, Dn, E6, E7 and three non classical series of quiver representations.

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  • Prehomogeneous vector spaces
  • Spectral numbers
  • Bernstein-Sato polynomials
  • Gauss-Manin system
  • Quiver representations


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