Numerical and experimental investigations of distribution of gaseous emissions with the air flow in the indoor environment

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Stichworte/keywords: CFD, Emissions, Indoor, Pollutant, Environment

There are many sources of emissions produced by burning fuel for power or heat, through chemical reactions, and from leaks from industrial processes or equipment. There is always a possibility of a potential hazard when these gases enter into the indoor environment with the air flow. The determination of the concentration profiles are necessary to evaluate the potential hazard posed by the gas spread. The main objectives of this work are to develop an appropriate measurement methodology and a 3D CFD transient multicomponent simulation model for the determination of spatial and temporal distribution of gaseous emissions with the air flow in the indoor environment.

This work is also aimed at comparing the numerical simulation results of different CFD programs for a 2D base case model of indoor air flow with and without emission source under laminar and turbulent flow conditions for the purpose of developing a better basic understanding of the physical phenomena and for the selection of the suitable and appropriate CFD program for the further development of the simulation model. One of the goals is also to apply the developed simulation model to the loss prevention and risk mitigation in the indoor environment and to study the influence of different parameters on the concentration distribution of gaseous pollutants in the presence of air flow in the indoor environment to minimize the expensive and time consuming experimentation efforts.

print:40.00 EUR 

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