Glottogenesis and Language Conflicts in Europe

Studies in Eurolinguistics , Bd. 10

Sture Ureland, Lelija Sovcanac (Hrsg.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-4444-7
332 pages, year of publication: 2017
price: 56.00 €
This book consisting of 21 articles is the result of three different symposia held in Zadar (2013), Moscow (2014) and Strasbourg (2016) with focus on two major topics: Glottogenesis and Conflicts in Europe and Safeguarding and protection of European lesser-used languages as formulated in the 1992 EU-Charter.

PART I: Univ. of Zadar

GLOTTOGENESIS ON THE EUROPEAN CONTINENT: General Introduction (Ureland), Hamel: From the Ice Age to modern languages

SOUTHERN EUROPE: Genesis of French (Schmitt), Italian (Agresti, Begioni) and Spanish (Lüdtke) SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE: Genesis of Croatian (Socanac, Granic, Skelin Horvat/Simicic; Skevin/Markovic; Bulgarian (Choparinova)

EASTERN EUROPE: Genesis of Russian (Oleinichenko, Iamshanova)

CENTRAL EUROPE: Genesis of Germanic (Krasukhin)

WESTERN AND CENTRAL EUROPE: Genesis of (Celtic): (Broderick)

NORTHERN EUROPE: Genesis of North Sámi (Weinstock)

PART II: Linguistic Institute of the Academy of Sciences Moscow

Introduction (Ureland); Report on the Moscow Round Table (De Geer); The LSJ-Project (Steller)

PART III: René Schickele-Gesellschaft and Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Introduction (Ureland); Kalmyk (Bitkeeva); Latin (Merolle); Colloquium in Strasbourg (Woehrling)

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Table of contents (PDF)


  • Eurolinguistik
  • Europäismen
  • Genetik
  • Glottogenesis
  • Sprachkontakt


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