Applied linguistics for English-Spanish translation

Ana Fernandez Guerra

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Applied linguistics for English-Spanish translation
The aim of the present book is to give an overview of (and an insight into) translation, as well as an introduction to some of the major linguistic theories used to explain the task of translating, and to the main problems involved in English-Spanish translation. Contents focus briefly on the concept of translation, the main approaches applied to the theory and practice of translation, how linguistic paradigms have contributed to translation studies, the role of the translator and translation competence, the main theoretical problems and controversial issues (translatability vs. untranslatability, fidelity vs. fluency, equivalence vs. adequacy, etc.), translation strategies and techniques, practical problems in English-Spanish translation, translation and new technologies, and the evaluation of translation. Each chapter includes three theoretical sections dealing with the abovementioned issues, as well as a forth section with suggestions for further readings, and a final fifth section with translation tasks and questions.

Ana Fernández Guerra holds a B.A. Honours degree in Modern Languages (University of Coventry), a degree in English Studies, in Hispanic Studies and a Ph.D. in Translation Studies (Universitat de Valncia). She has been a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English Studies, Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (Spain), since 1999, where she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Her research focuses on Translation Studies, Contrastive analysis, and Second language acquisition; areas in which she has published 10 books and more than 50 articles and chapters of books. She has also served in several management positions at the Universitat Jaume I; for example, as head of international relations (2006 to 2011).

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  • Translation
  • English-Spanish
  • linguistics
  • translation problems


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