The Use of Geoinformatics in Investigating the Impact of Agricultural Activities between 1990 and 2010 on Land Degradation in NE of Jordan

Majed Mahmoud Faris Ibrahim

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The land degradation and water scarce problems are global problems that face Jordan that has become takes a large space in recent years, especially agricultural land degradation. This may worsen in the coming years. Where the agricultural sector considered is one most important of the sources of gross domestic product at the state level the only source of per capita income for people in some areas.

Many of natural factors such as (climate like water and wind) and human factors (such as the wrong agricultural practices and lack of awareness of the agricultural as well as the misuse of groundwater resources) have contributed to the degradation of soil quality and deterioration of groundwater quality in Jordan. The types of degradation represented that affect lands and groundwater (a) wrong farming practices through use and overuse of biocides and fertilizers and irrigation return flows as well as Lack of agricultural management in agricultural soil protection and conservation methods. (b) Over-pumping of water that leads to salinization.

Geoinformatics (Remote sensing, Geographical Information Systems, Global Positioning System) play an important role for evaluating, monitoring and investigating the environment and its components, it is used to determine is used to determine land condition trends (whether conditions are getting worse, better, or stay the same) and is particularly beneficial for monitoring desertification and land changes over time, therefore geoinformatics techniques were used in investigation the impact of agriculture activities on land degradation in northeastern of Jordan as case study, through develop DRASTIC index (groundwater vulnerability) and assessment of the risk. as well as developing a model for the investigation of land degradation.

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  • Geoinformatics
  • Land Degradation
  • DRASTIC index
  • GIS
  • SAR


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