Evolutions of Form

Luigi Russo (Ed.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-3384-7
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Evolutions of Form
This volume presents the results of the research by the joint research group Morphology of the University of Palermo and the University of Milan which investigates the conceptual history and theoretic topicality of the issue of form from a perspective including aesthetics, biology, epistemology, the science of art, and literary theory.

The essays address the shift from the eighteenth-century to modern life-sciences debate, moving through Kant and the age of Goethe. Other essays revisit key figures and concerns of twentieth-century morphologic debates: from Warburg, the science of art, and the biological reflection on Gestalt to Adorno. The volume closes with contemporary perspectives focusing on artistic debates and on a rethinking of the methodological foundations of morphologic discourse.

This volume contains essays by: M. Mazzocut-Mis, C. Rozzoni, M. Bertolini, P. Conte, E. Canadelli, S. Tedesco, V.C. D'agata, A. Pinotti, L. Vargiu, C. Nicastro, E. Crescimanno, D. Di Maio, S. Tedesco, S. Feloj, M. Bonometti, M. Franchella, E. Di Stefano, E. Crescimanno and an Introduction written by Luigi Russo.

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  • Evolution
  • Form
  • Deformation
  • Athic
  • Morphology


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